Introducing our 4-step Creative Confidence Methodology


By watching what people do and how they interact with their environment gives you clues about what they think and feel. It helps you to learn about what they need. By watching people you can capture physical manifestations of their experiences, what they do and say. This will allow you to interpret intangible meaning of those experiences in order to uncover insights. These insights will lead you to the innovative solutions.


Imagine new ideas and create new solutions for the problems you want to solve. Brainstorming encourages you to think expansively and without constraints. It’s often the wild ideas that spark visionary thoughts.


Transform your ideas into a physical form so that you can experience and interact with them and, in the process, learn and develop more empathy. Building prototypes means making ideas tangible, learning while building them and sharing them with other people. Prototype reveals what you don’t know and continue that iterative process of figuring out, working on it and evolving.  


Share what you’ve made with the people you’re designing for and see what they think. Let the feedback of the people you’re designing for guide the next iteration of your solution. Try out high-resolution products and use observations and feedback to refine prototypes, learn more about the user, and refine your original point of view.


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