How can the #Fun theory# be applied in the context of Innovation consultancy?

Article By: Americo Mateus.

As eager and determined entrepreneurs, we created our own company in a well-designed manner, putting “fun” into the heart and soul of our essence. We aim at building an organization where it is fun to work in and for, where challenges are tackled and solved with a “smile”, where success is the natural result of sharing our bodies of knowledge, where obstacles are overcome with the power of collaboration and synergies, where informality and familiarity are accepted concepts which are being put into practice on a daily basis.

We furthermore work towards designing our own innovation culture and process, based on the idea that...

“Something as simple as ‘Fun’ is the easiest way to change people’s behaviors for the better”.

Foremost, we are enjoying all our moments together during which we are building our models, tools, canvasses, bootcamps as well as our educational and corporate training programs.

For us at INNOKINETICS, “change” is the keyword. Change enables innovation and allows us to build a powerful innovation culture.

We strongly believe that we can achieve this by implementing a perpetual “changing motion” and that furthermore one of the best ways to do so, is by having fun throughout the full journey!

“Real change” implies that the implementation “pathway” is covered with continuous learning as well as evolution challenges for both the people and the organization involved. Therefore, the best way forward onto this pathway, is to have a real pleasant and motivational journey.

This approach may perhaps seem idyllic or even unachievable.

And yes, we also sometimes found and still find stones on our pathway, demanding us to question ourselves. True, this approach sometimes requires even more hard work and additional efforts, but rest assured, it pays off in the end!

And when hurdles do appear on the horizon, we take a look back again to our simple essence: “the fun approach”. By doing so, we are not blinded by thepitfalls, but we can see the full picture and the positive side of life again, thus gaining an energy boost to go forward!


Because by looking to the “fun essence” we immediately reconnect ourselves to our vision, which is directly and deeply rooted in our will and incitement to “MAKE”and “CREATE” a better future and deeper purpose, which is - in its turn - directly connected to having a spirit of mission and altruism.

Perhaps you wonder: “Nice words, but how and why should I care about this within the context of my own business? And, what exactly do you mean by applying the fun theory to innovation consultancy?”

And why should a company - that is outsourcing innovation experts - wish to partner up with a company such as INNOKINETICS that applies the Fun theory approach?

Let’s put the questions the other way around for a minute.

We could ask you:

  1. Is it “Fun” to pay a lot of money to innovation consultancies that are using old and outdated models, and that apply the same old recipes that lead to the same results over and over again? We don’t think so…
  2. Is it “Fun” having to work together with innovation consultancies where the direct interaction and connection with senior consultants and key persons limits itself to the brief moment of a contract signature and (if you are lucky) the final presentation? Whereas the entire learning journey of the project development will be led by and communicate through junior consultants with limited autonomy and ditto life stories to share?
  3. Do you really think that installing a genuine creative and innovative culturewithin an organization is connected to suits and ties? Can the same people with the same models as before now provide creative training and consulting, simply because they have commenced using post-its during a brainstorming session? Did they genuinely change their paradigms and start to develop their own research and experience based innovation models and tools?  We don’t think so.

 What do you think?

It doesn’t work for us in any case, since we have a completely different “belief system”:

  •  Our team is composed of senior experts with different multidisciplinary backgrounds, such as economists, designers, artists, marketers, learning experts, etc.…Through our own experiences and expertise, we know that “hands-on experience” is crucial when it comes to creativity and creative training skills!
  • Our team abides, works, wonders…in parallel worlds.
  • We strongly believe in genuine and intimate relationships and our approach is thus always centered round the learning processes of the client as well as of our team. To us, each job, each company, each person we get in touch with is part of our own learning process and knowledge acquisition.
  • We aim at developing bilateral working environments, where the sharing and transfer of knowledge and experiences is based on “Familiarity” and “Mutualism”.
  • We see beyond the “contract”; we detect and treasure the synergies to create measurable results for organizations as well as an adapted vision throughout the process of “doing it”.
  • We help organizations to “start the engine” of collaboration, participation and openness towards the local communities. This is often a very crucial factor for SMEs to achieve results.
  • We believe that the “fun theory” challenges, stimulates and creates a disruptive and creative fuel igniting an organization’s engine to “change”towards a more innovative culture.

We, at INNOKINETICS, like to focus our efforts on helping all organizations and especially SMEs and micro-companies to create and develop a continuous innovation culture that will achieve short, medium and long run measurable results. To do that, we have been developing our own human centered operational models and tools, making use of all our internal expertise as well as external stakeholders’ empowerment, to reinforce those companies where innovation is at the hearth of their management strategy.

Today we stressed the possible role of the “Fun theory” in the process of enabling the implementation of a creativity and innovation culture in order to foster the needed “Change” within a business environment.


INNOKINETICS provides small, medium and larger companies with a smart and complete toolkit-solution to start developing a genuine co-creative and collaborative culture within the organization. 

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