What do we know today about how to prepare our child for the future?

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What do we know today about how to prepare our child for the future?

Both of the children and country’s success is always going to depend on the creative education that they obtain in school. On the other hand, with the education system that we have right now, enhancing the creativity of the children is not even considered at all. During these days, academic is a lot more important than any other thing that the children deal with in school. Somehow, this is correct. However, things change as time passes by. As parents, we need to know everything that is important so we can prepare our children for the future.

In our society, the word “creativity” is only applied to the artistic endeavors. However, creativity is an important part of our children’s everyday lives. For an instance, if a child figures out that he could climb a chair so he can reach a cookie at the table, he was able to engage in a highly creative problem solving. Children always have their own creative potential and the job of the parents and teachers is to help the children to fulfill it.

Creativity in children is indeed very important. Their creativity involves communication, basic use of scientific method, imagination, problem solving, physical skill and exertion, and as well as making interpretations.

Traditional education system and parenting do not actually foster the creativity of the children. There are limits that are placed in the creativity of the children by the educational system which encourage imitation and conformity in learning instead of creative imagination and spontaneity. In addition, the standardized testing only gets the capability of the students to give the correct answers to questions, without correcting the thinking process which results in these “incorrect” answers.

Even the parents and the teachers who recognize the essence of creativity usually lacks a training and tools in encouraging the imagination and discovery of the children.

During the old economic system on the past millennium, creativity was considered to be purely innate and not all of the people have to be creative. Even at the in the industrial age, the main focus was productivity and not creativity. On the other hand, with the economy in the near future, creativity needs to be diffused and that each individual needs to learn how to improve their creativity, and we have to focus on the children. It comes as no surprise that during these days, the importance of creativity is emphasized by the studies in disciplines to every children.

However, a child is always introduced only at the learning process in school and the socializing process. Creativity can be encouraged in different ways. The choice that we are facing is not simply only about being creative or not at all. As a matter of fact, it is very important for the parents to be involves on the creative learning process of their children rather than just the teaching knowledge. We have to encourage these children because they are the only one that we can rely on in the future, and creativity is a very important part in developing their mindset.

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So how do we encourage creativity?


1. Love of Learning — A desire to learn will give an individual greater success.


2. Skill at learning — It is important to give your kids the chance to reflect and learn about how they learn best.


3. Self-knowledge — The self-aware kid will grow to be someone who can and wants to talk to all sorts of people. To listen well and to continue to learn.


4. Empathy — The child who develops people sense will be a strong collaborator.


5. Comfortable with uncertainty — As long as kids can get comfortable with the idea of uncertainty, and put plans in place. They are able to solve any problems confidently.


6. Open minds — No success is possible if we don’t raise children to become adaptable, thoughtful, open-minded adults.


7. Let them fail — Making mistakes is a part of life. They need to be able to create innovative breakthroughs by integrating ideas from diverse fields to meet complex human needs. And since real-world problems pay no heed to disciplinary boundaries, neither should the solutions. Reframing failure as iteration allows students to thrive.

Article contributed by Ryan, Principal of Happiness Makers